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Engaging with Health Consumer Organisations

Pfizer Australia is dedicated to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with a range of Health Consumer Organisations. These relationships are based on integrity, respect, and transparency, ensuring the independence and credibility of both organisations. Health Consumer Organisations are not-for-profit organisations that represent the interests and views of consumers of healthcare. They provide support services and information to patients, families and carers. Health Consumer Organisations also advocate for improved standards of care and access to treatments for the people they represent. They vary hugely in both size and mandate, and generally promote views that are independent of government, pharmaceutical industry and professional health service providers.
We share many common interests and goals with Health Consumer Organisations including: generating awareness of health conditions and related issues; the development of patient education resources; early diagnosis; timely access to new medicines and treatment and a greater understanding of the needs of health consumers. We provide funding to these organisations and partner with them on specific projects which enables us to gain a better understanding of patients’ needs.