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Transparency Reporting

As a member of Medicines Australia, Pfizer is committed to being open and transparent when we provide a reportable payment or transfer of value to a healthcare professional.  

Reportable payments or transfers of value are: 

  • Payments for the provision of services such as giving a lecture, chairing an educational meeting, providing advice as a member of an Advisory Board or as a Consultant
  • Airfares, accommodation and/or conference registration fees to attend medical education as part of those services.

Pfizer has published reports in accordance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, Edition 18 and Australian privacy legislation. These reports identify healthcare professionals by name where they have provided consent. 

From 1 October 2016, reporting these payments will be mandatory and healthcare professionals will be disclosed by name.

The report is designed to be read on this website. 

The report here contains the most up to date information. Any use or disclosure of the data by a third party is the responsibility of that third party, who must comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

Please note to comply with our privacy obligations, the report may be amended from time to time.

Pfizer has received feedback from HCPs that whilst they receive financial support to attend educational meetings, they attend these meetings in their own time, time they would otherwise have spent with family and friends. Their motivation to attend is to improve patient care.

From 30 August 2019, this information will now be held in a database, administered by Medicines Australia. This database is designed to be searchable as well as downloaded as a CSV file.

For further information about the details in the report, or to search the database, please visit

In addition to submitting its reports to Disclosure Australia, Pfizer Australia is publishing its report in CSV and PDF. Due to the nature of these reportable activities, which may include contracts spanning multiple reporting periods, there are some healthcare professionals who were contracted prior to the introduction of Medicines Australia’s database. This means these contracts did not include the now required statement informing of publication into a consolidated database. Therefore that data cannot be submitted to Disclosure Australia, and are instead included in the report published on this website.  

For further information about the details in the report, please go to