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Corporate Sponsorships January to December 2014

on Wed, 06/08/2016 - 22:08

Alzheimers Australia

Alzheimer's Australia is the peak body providing support and advocacy for Australians with dementia and the Australians who care for them. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support Dementia Awareness Month and to support the administration of the National Consumer Advisory Committee. $20,000.00

Arthritis Foundation Australia

Arthritis Foundation Australia (Arthritis Australia) is the peak arthritis organisation in Australia and provides support and information to people living with arthritis, as well as their carers, families and friends. Pfizer Australia contributed to the Arthritis Foundation Australia via the Medicines Australia Community Chest Project 2014-15. The Medicines Australia Community Chest Projects supports projects aimed at improving the health outcomes of Australians through evidence-based management of arthritis. $20,000.00

Arthritis Foundation of NSW

The Arthritis Foundation of NSW (Arthritis NSW) provides education, support and services to people in the community living with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the annual Williams Walk, the production/printing of consumer information booklets and the Healthy Lifestyles Program. $30,000.00

Arthritis Foundation of SA

The Arthritis Foundation of SA (Arthritis SA) is committed to improving the quality of life of people with arthritis and related conditions. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support three GP education seminars in the area of rheumatology. $3,636.00

Arthritis Foundation of VIC

The Arthritis Foundatio of VIC (Arthritis Victoria) is the peak body representing Victorians living with arthritis and more than 100 musculoskeletal conditions. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the printing of the JIA children's book "The Worst Pain in the World" ($2,391), as well as to the 2014 Pain Forum ($10,000). $12,391.00

Arthritis Foundation of WA

The Arthritis Foundation of WA is committed to reducing the incidence and disabling effects of Arthritis in the people of WA. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support a GP education event on inflammatory arthritis, held during Arthritis Week 2014. $5,000.00

Arthritis QLD

Arthritis QLD provides education, information and support services for Queensland children and adults living with arthritis or osteoporosis. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support rural community information and health professional seminars. $409.00

Lung Foundation Australia

Lung Foundation Australia supports all aspects of lung health from asthma to cancer to COPD, through research, the development of educational fact-sheets, training health professionals, and undertaking community awareness activity and advocacy around Australia. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the Lung Cancer National Program over the period of November 2013 to November 2014. $55,500.00

Australian Pain Management Association

The Australian Pain Management Association provides pain management options and information to support people living with pain, their families and friends. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the publication of the APMA newsletter in 2014. $10,000.00

Australian Pituitary Foundation Ltd

The Australian Pituitary Foundation's mission is to provide support to those who have experienced pituitary gland conditions. They promote awareness and disseminate information among the medical community, the public, and pituitary patients and their families. Pfizer Australia was a corporate sponsor of the Australian Pituitary Foundation in 2014. The sponsorship funding supported a number of the Australian Pituitary Foundation's key programs and initiatives throughout 2014, including patient and GP/health provider education seminars , the quarterly newsletter, an online resources portal, etc. $12,000.00

Carers Australia

Carers Australia is the national peak body representing Australia’s carers, advocating on behalf of Australia’s carers to influence policies and services at a national level. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the 2014 Pollie Pedal, a charity bike ride that in 2014 raised money for Carers Australia. The support enabled Carers Australia to continue their work on the Work and Care program. $50,000.00

Chronic Pain Australia

Chronic Pain Australia works towards de-stigmatising chronic pain by providing high quality user-friendly research-based information and support for patients and carers. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support National Pain Week in July 2014. $65,000.00

Diabetes Australia TAS

Diabetes Tasmania provides support services to prevent type 2 diabetes and reduce the impact of all types of diabetes for people affected by the condition. Pfizer Australia provided funding to sponsor the Diabetes Tasmania Pollie Pedal in 2014, which raised funds for Diabetes Tasmania. $3,000.00

Glaucoma Australia

Glaucoma Australia is the peak glaucoma awareness/education/support association in Australia. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support Glaucoma Australia's Glaucoma Adherence Project. $7,000.00

Haemophilia Foundation Australia

Haemophilia Foundation Australia represents people with haemophilia, von Willebrand disorder and other related inherited bleeding disorders and their families through advocacy and representation, education and research. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support (i) the 17th Australian & NZ Conference on Haemophilia & Related Bleeding Disorders ($29,000); (ii) the Vision & Leadership Awards ($10,000); and (iii) the Pfizer Haemophilia Nurse Awards program, Haemophilia Awareness week and other awareness and peer support initiatives ($45,000). $84,000.00

McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation is considered to be one of Australia’s leading breast cancer support organisations. Pfizer Australia provided funding to secure a trade display for the McGrath Foundation at a Breast Care Nurses Seminar. $2,500.00

Osteoporosis Australia

Osteoporosis Australia provides osteoporosis information and services to the community and health professionals. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support national awareness initiatives, health professional awareness and education and raising the profile of bone health within Australia. $73,000.00


Painaustralia is a national not-for-profit body established to improve the treatment and management of pain in Australia, and in particular to facilitate implementation of the National Pain Strategy. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the formal Review of Progress with the National Pain Strategy and development of the next stage strategic plan. $65,000.00

Palliative Care QLD

Palliative Care QLD is the peak organisation for palliative care in Queensland, representing the interests and aspirations of all who share the ideal of quality care at the end of life for all. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the 50 Shades of Pain Conference ($7,273), as well as an educational seminar on palliative management of brain tumors ($300). $7,573.00

Palliative Care WA

Palliative Care WA is the Western Australian peak body for palliative care – raising awareness and building capacity for the community to address life limiting conditions, death and dying, grief and loss. Pfizer Australia sponsored the WA Palliative Care Conference in 2014. $818.00

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Victoria

The Prader-Willie Syndrome Association provides help, support and information to its members. Pfizer Australia provided funding in support of the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Victoria's Family Information Day. $8,000.00

Rare Cancers Australia

Rare Cancers Australia is a charity whose purpose is to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common cancers. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the Cancer Community Survey program ($10,000). Pfizer Australia also contributed to fundraising via the Sick or Treat Charity Ball ($10,000). $20,000.00

Rare Voices Australia

Rare Voices Australia is Australia’s national alliance advocating for those who live with a rare disease. Pfizer Australia provided funding towards a suite of activities supporting public policy advocacy and funding for rare diseases. $10,000.00

Skin & Cancer Foundation

The Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia is dedicated to benefiting those who suffer from diseases of the skin. Pfizer Australia sponsored the following events on behalf of Skin & Cancer Foundation: the 2014 Bio Masterclass ($3,000) and the 2014 Gala ball and Health Skin Awards ($2,727). Pfizer Australia also provided funding to support two continuing professional development programs for dermatologists, registrars and dermatology nurses ($6,000). $11,727.00

Turner Syndrome Association of Australia

The Association provides information and support for those with Turner Syndrome and their families. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the printing of the TSA newsletter. $2,300.00

Unicorn Foundation

The Unicorn Foundation's mission is to improve awareness of neuroendocrine tumours within the medical profession and the general public; foster patient understanding through support groups; and raise much needed funding for Australian research in this area. Pfizer Australia provided funding to support the development of a website NET resource library, as well as a GP awareness video. $14,000.00

Various Pfizer Australia employees are provided with up to four days of volunteer leave per year and are encouraged to serve their community by volunteering for a registered charity of their choice. ~ 90 days

TOTAL $592,854.00